Connect to the data you DON'T have

The next generation of home budgeting system

Arbago - interoperable system for all

  • Direct communication with customers

  • Understand of gap of their offer with market demand (for example, a store can see that a customer spends 30% of all their food and beverage budget in their store in the last month, allowing them to have unambiguous data to improve their customer engagement and ultimately the profit)

  • Easier to remove items from stock

  • Enabled up selling and cross selling

  • Connection with the data they do not have

  • Access to information from users who have been anonymous so far (no loyalty club membership due to concerns about data privacy or lack of interest or due to segregation in the loyalty market)

  • No more card issuing cost for loyalty

  • Satisfied customers

  • Analytics of product sales and rating

  • Analytics of customers expenses by categories

  • Commercials

  • Easy implementation 

  • Manual and service books are now issued virtually

  • Lower costs for paper consumption

  • Customers review of product and its selling rate

  • Easier communication between manufacturers - retail - maintenance- customer

  • Optimization of production

How it works


  • The system consists of a mobile application for individual users (customers); web application for merchant user; web interface for individual users’ advanced analytics and application programming interface for connectivity among the merchant’s system and Arbago

  • Platform is easy to use for customers. They only have to have a smart device with them and show QR code displayed in the application to the cashier (or sensor on automated cash register) for a scan. The data is then automatically transferred later

  • Platform is easy for retail or manufactures to implement. All they have to enable is the scan of the identity and send data on the server the same way it is send to the credit card companies or tax offices. Stores or services can choose whether they want to receive analytics exported form our server or to integrate their ERP with ours. In the later scenario, everything is prepared before hand so inconvenience is minimal


  • The application offers various analytics but the data used is the one the retail store send us and the customer. Customer can easily see if an error occurs and report it for correction. Customers are verified by consensus algorithm. Therefore the retail can be positively assured the customer and his expenses are real even though they are anonymous​

  • Security is one of our major focus points and it is  implemented by using Digi-ID, a blockchain backed cryptography

  • Invoice and all invoice items stored in electronic form on smart device

  • Easy expenses tracking and enabled savings

  • Different Big data analytics for planning and forecasting expenses

  • One digital identity

  • Anonymity even in loyalty system

  • Advanced search for desired products and services based on desired variables (location, cheapest, time of purchase)

  • Review of purchases and comparing them with alternative ones using statistical variables such as percentage of
    bought products at certain retailer, geographical data and price, consequently optimizing their spending

  • Earning money by selling data

  • No more multiple loyalty cards (wallet)

  • Virtual service book

  • Information about products (rates by other users)

  • Direct offers by retail (discounts etc.)

  • Easy usage

Matija Tušek

CEO of 3MI-Lab

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